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Introducing a solid surface sheet like no other
An ultra-thin product that lets you put solid surface performance in every design
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Comparison to Other Surfaces
Peformance Comparison

BeauShield® is a technological breakthrough
Our unique compression molded process delivers unmatched performance in a thin solid surface.

BeauShield has the thinnest sheet:
Our exclusive 1/8" (3mm) sheet allows for extraordinary flexibility in design – and control in cost. Curves and edges are easier to manage and faster to complete. Waste and weight are reduced across the entire design. It's a fact – thinner is better!

BeauShield has the widest sheet:
Today, the incredible advantage of a full 50" sheet is yours with BeauShield Solid Surface. Now, you can add a backsplash, complete an island or fit a custom section to any design, seamlessly. Standard widths of 12' x 30'' are always available. And widths up 50" wide and 1" thickness are available on request.

BeauShield is easy to fabricate:
BeauShield is strong. At the same time, it is thermoshapable, tough & flexible for easy handling.

BeauShield gives you all the advantages:
  • Beautiful to see – beautiful to touch
  • Unmatched versatility across the design
  • Ultimately formable and bendable
  • A wide variety of exquisite color and pattern choices
  • A truly repairable, non-porous surface
  • UV, heat and scratch resistant
  • Anti-microbial capability
  • Made in America – by SAFAS Corporation
Physical Properties Result Unit Test Method
Density 1.75 g/cm3
Weight Approx 1.15 Lbs/ft2
Flexural strength 10300 psi ASTM D790
Modulus of elasticity 1.9 x 106 psi ASTM D790
Tensile strength 6630 psi ASTM D638
Tensile modulus of elasticity 2.12 x 106 psi ASTM D638
Impact resistance (Unnotched Izod) 0.71 ft-lbs/in ASTM D256
Hardness (Barcol) 63-65 Unit ASTM D2583
Thermal expansion 1.58 x 10-5
2.84 x 10-5
in/in oF
in/in oC
Color stablity Pass ISSFA SST 6.1
Stain resistance Pass ISSFA SST 6.2
Chemical resistance Pass ISSFA SST 6.4
High-temperature resistance Pass ISSFA SST 6.6
Water resistance Pass ISSFA SST 6.7
Fire resistance
Flame spread
Smoke density
Class A
Euroclass system B S1 d0 View Report

Other Properties  
Safety Data No hazardous Materials
Ignition temperature > 400oC
Resistance to fungi Yes ASTM G21
Resistance to bacteria Yes ASTM G22
Hazardous reaction None
Heavy metals None

Storage, handling and transportation
Protective equipment Gloves
Fire and explosion protective Not required

Fabrication Process
Workplace Standard measures with regard to health and safety
Explosion protection No special precautions
Fire extinction measures All standard extinguishing agents
Toxic effect in use None
Formaldehyde emission None

*Details contained in this data sheet are based on the current technical state of knowledge, but do not represent any warranty
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Safas Corporation has been a driving force and a trusted service partner in the solid surface industry for over 25 years creating innovative products like Granicoat®, Galaxy Granules™, Safasil™, Safasbond™ and many others available through a vast world-wide distribution network. Safas currently manufactures and markets all of its products from its 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Clifton, New Jersey, USA.

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